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Resources for Men

Education and Resources

The following list is non-exhaustive and will be altered and updated as needed and by recommendation and suggestion from others. At HAVEN, and in other areas of feminist movement, we service victims and survivors of IPV and sexual assault of all genders. We 5work with men to identify and develop strategies for personal development and social change. We do this to create a more fulfilling life for men and boys, and more importantly, we do this to involve men in ending men’s violence against women.

For continued education and a more comprehensive list of resources check out and subscribe to Voice Male Magazine

Voice Male chronicles the social transformation of masculinity. Since its modest beginnings in 1983 as a newsletter for the pioneering Men’s Resource Center for Change, Voice Male has evolved into a magazine exploring critical issues relevant to men’s growth and health while cataloguing the damaging effects of men’s isolation and violence. Think of it as a tool to assist men and boys navigating their passage to an engaged understanding of manhood and masculinities.”

Healthy Masculinity

Healthy Masculinity Action Project (Men Can Stop Rape) – Organizing healthy masculinity on college campuses.

MenEngage – Advocating around key issues where gender directly affects the lives of women and men. Reproductive rights, HIV/AIDS prevention, ending violence, LGBTQ+ rights, reducing men’s violence, etc…

Men’s Work – developing and supporting male leadership to prevent all forms of sexual and domestic violence.

American Men’s Studies Association – The American Men’s Studies Association advances the critical study of men and masculinities by encouraging the development of teaching, research and clinical practice in the field of men’s studies. AMSA provides a forum for teachers, researchers, students, and practitioners to exchange information and to gain support for work on men and masculinities.

The Men’s Bibliography – is a comprehensive and up-to-date bibliography of writing on men, masculinities, gender, and sexualities. The Men’s Bibliography lists about 22,400 books and articles, sorted into over thirty major subject areas.

The Men’s Story Project – To strengthen social norms that support healthy masculinities and gender equality, and to help eliminate gender-based violence, homophobia and other oppressions that are intertwined with masculinities, through men´s public story-sharing events, documentary films and other mass media.

XY – (500 links and resources) XY is a website focused on men, masculinities, and gender politics. XY is a space for the exploration of issues of gender and sexuality, the daily issues of men’s and women’s lives, and practical discussion of personal and social change.

Men of Color

Brown Boi Project – Working across race and gender to end sexism, homophobia and transphobia and create healthy frameworks of masculinity.

Black Transmen – Black Transmen Inc.® is the 1st National Non-Profit Organization of African American transmen solely focused on acknowledgment, social advocacy and empowering transmen with resources to aid in a healthy female to male transition. Black Transmen Inc. programs provide all female to male transmen and SLGBTQI individuals with necessary tools to secure identity and equality within our society regardless of race, creed, color, religion, sexual identity or sexual expression.

Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community – The Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community (IDVAAC) is an organization focused on the unique circumstances of African Americans as they face issues related to domestic violence, including intimate partner violence, child abuse, elder maltreatment, and community violence. IDVAAC’s mission is to enhance society’s understanding of and ability to end violence in the African-American community.

MasculinidadesPro-feminist blog about the anthropology of masculinity. In Spanish

National Latin@ Network for Healthy Families and Communities – A project of Casa de Esperanza and a national institute on domestic violence focusing on Latin communities

Asian and Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence – is a national resource center on domestic violence, sexual violence, trafficking, and other forms of gender-based violence in Asian and Pacific Islander communities.

Young Men

Advocates for Youth – helping young people make informed and responsible decisions about reproductive and sexual health.

Boys to Men – a group mentoring program that offers boys a community of male role models. Weekly meetings offer boys a community for them to feel valued, supported, heard and encouraged to take responsibility for their actions. Boys to Men trained mentors show up at middle schools, high schools and foster care facilities willing to listen, encourage and offer the empowerment boys seek to make positive changes in their lives.

Fathers and Caregivers

Collaborative Divorce

Reach settlements that meet the needs of all involved now and in the future.”

Resolving disputes respectfully

“Divorce is complicated, emotional, and sometimes confusing. That is why we have compiled the best resources, experts and information to guide you through the process no matter what stage you are in.”

Fathers and Family Law: Myths and Facts

Feminist Fathers – Feminist Fathering is raising your kids with a mindfulness to how gender socialization and politics affect three core areas: 1. Your personal orientation to parenting as a male-identified parent. 2. Your child’s personal development and self-identity. 3. Your relationship with your child’s mother or other co-parenting partner. A Feminist Father is a dad that seeks to transcend the socio-political gender landscape in the noble pursuit of raising a fully realized human being.

Pro/feminist and Feminist Men

redefine.| engaging men in ending gender-based violence – A project of the prevention education team at HAVEN, Oakland County Michigan’s center for the treatment and prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault as port of our on-going efforts to engage men in ending gender-based viPicture2olence.

The Guy’s Guide to Feminism – (book)

The Guy’s Guide to Feminism – (blog) The Guy’s Guide to Feminism explores men’s and women’s perspectives on feminist issues and anti-violence.

36 Feminist Men – This is a blog dedicated to showing appreciation to those awesome men and boys who are feminists.

Meninist – a global organization of men that believe in and support the feminist principles of women’s political, social and economic equality.

Men’s Health

American Journal of Men’s Health – a peer-reviewed quarterly resource for cutting-edge information regarding men’s health and illness. AJMH publishes papers from all health, behavioral and social disciplines, including but not limited to medicine, nursing, allied health, public health, health psychology/behavioral medicine, and medical sociology and anthropology. This journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

International Society for Men’s Health – The International Society of Men’s Health (ISMH) is the only international organization dedicated to the rapidly growing field of men’s health. The comprehensive scope of men’s health brings together multiple disciplines such as urology, cardiology, endocrinology, oncology, gerontology, psychiatry, psychology, sexual and reproductive medicine, public health and others.

Prostate Health GuideOffers a guide to the prostate and various conditions that can affect men’s health

World Health Organization HIV/AIDS – Since the beginning of the epidemic, WHO has led the global health sector response to HIV. As a Cosponsor of the UNAIDS, WHO takes the lead on the priority areas of HIV treatment and care, and HIV/tuberculosis co-infection, and jointly coordinates with UNICEF the work on prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

Male Survivors of Sexual Assault

HAVEN – Oakland County Michigan’s center for the treatment and prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault.

1in6 – The mission of 1in6 is to help men who have had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood live healthier, happier lives.

MaleSurvivor – MaleSurvivor provides critical resources to male survivors of sexual trauma and all their partners in recovery by building communities of Hope, Healing, & Support.

Men Thriving – a peer-support resource offered to men who survived sexual abuse in their childhood or adulthood. We were once victims, we are all survivors, and we all aspire to thrive in this lifetime.

MVP-logo-300x157Men Ending Physical and Sexual Violence

Mentors in Violence Prevention – Leadership development to address the global issues of sexism. Education and empowerment of women and men to prevent, interrupt and respond to sexist abuse.

Men Can Stop Rape – Mobilizing men to use their strength for creating cultures free from violence while institutionalizing primary prevention of men’s violence against women.

Ending Dating and Domestic Violence

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCDSV) – The Mission of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) is to organize for collective power by advancing transformative work, thinking and leadership of communities and individuals working to end the violence in our lives.

One in Four – One in Four strives to provide presentations, trainings, and technical assistance to men and women, with a focus on single sex programming targeted toward colleges, high schools, the military and local community organizations. In addition, One in Four serves as an umbrella organization and support system for single sex sexual assault peer education groups who call themselves One in Four chapters.

A Call to Men – A CALL TO MEN is a leading national violence prevention organization providing training and education for men, boys and communities. Our aim is to shift social norms that negatively impact our culture and promote a more healthy and respectful definition of manhood.

PreventConnect – PreventConnect is a national project of the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault with funding from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. The goal of PreventConnect is to advance the primary prevention of sexual assault and relationship violence by building a community of practice among people who are engaged in such efforts. PreventConnect also builds the capacity of local, state, territorial, national and tribal agencies and organizations to develop, implement and evaluate effective prevention initiatives.

Futures without Violence – Under the leadership and vision of founder Esta Soler for more than 30 years, Futures Without Violence has led the way and set the pace for ground-breaking education programs, national policy development, professional training programs, and public actions designed to end violence against women, children and families around the world.

Hollaback – Hollaback is a movement to end street harassment powered by a network of local activists around the world. We work together to better understand street harassment, to ignite public conversations, and to develop innovative strategies to ensure equal access to public spaces.

LGBTQ+ Resources

Affirmations Community Center – Metro Detroit’s community center for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their allies.

Equality Michigan – Working passionately for over 20 years to achieve full equality and respect for all people in Michigan regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

KICK – The Agency for LGBT African Americans, a Michigan non-profit business, was founded in 2003 with the help of Detroit LGBT residents. Together, their aim is to continue to implement LGBT affirming programs, services, projects and special events; and to partner with other social justice organizations and allies with similar beliefs.

Ruth Ellis Center – to provide short-term and long-term residential safe space and support services for runaway, homeless and at-risk gay, lesbian, bi-attractional, transgender and questioning youth.

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force – building the grassroots power of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. We do this by training activists, equipping state and local organizations with the skills needed to organize broad-based campaigns to defeat anti-LGBT referenda and advance pro-LGBT legislation, and building the organizational capacity of our movement.

Beyond Masculinity – Essays by queer men on gender and politics.

Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamations – GLAAD rewrites the script for LGBT equality. As a dynamic media force, GLAAD tackles tough issues to shape the narrative and provoke dialogue that leads to positive change. GLAAD protects all that has been accomplished and creates a world where everyone can live the life they love.

Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project – provides crisis intervention, support and resources for victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

Intersex Society of North America – devoted to systemic change to end shame, secrecy, and unwanted genital surgeries for people born with an anatomy that someone decided is not standard for male or female.

National Resource Center on LGBT Aging – the country’s first and only technical assistance resource center aimed at improving the quality of services and supports offered to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) older adults.

Survivor Project – a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the needs of intersex and trans* survivors of domestic and sexual violence through caring action, education and expanding access to resources and to opportunities for action.

The Transadvocate – news and commentary from a boots-on-the-ground trans advocate perspective. We tend to support gonzo-style journalism because we report on issues affecting the quality of life for members of our community. We don’t pretend that compromising on equality is a reasonable option and in that regard, we own that bias. We’re willing to do what it takes to expose hate — especially when hate is being peddled as reason or faith.

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